Guild Events

Culinary Guild Events

Since its inception, the Guild’s events have adhered to the six basic categories shown below.

Some are ticketed and some are free. Some take place in a member’s home; others require some travel. But all events are about food, cooking, learning more about various aspects of the culinary world, and of course, eating.

Full descriptions of events past, present and future can be found on the Events page, or in our member newsletter. You decide what fits your mood (and your calendar).

Let's Dish

Know what a potluck supper is ? If not, Google it ! This charmingly retro concept takes place in a member’s home, with guests bringing a dish to share.

Generally, Let’s Dish events have a theme, like Cinco de Mayo or Foods That Can Be Stuffed.



Salon Series

Some people associate a “salon” with the intellectual gatherings of eras past, i.e. Gertrude Stein in her Paris apartment.

Our 21st century salons are simply evening events that have an educational component to them.

Serious topics such as sustainability and food “harvesting” were recently discussed, as were primers on olive oil, the paleo movement, the origins of champagne, and the cuisine of the Azores.

Kitchen Prep

These events tend to be hands-on demonstrations led by our members (or outside professionals) with a particular culinary skill.

Cookbook author Maria Speck spoke about, and cooked, the vast variety of ancient grains, which we then tasted. Exotic Indian dishes, and good ole American side dishes were also demo’d.  Culinary Guild members are always up for getting their hands dirty !


Supper/Lunch Club

Needless to say, Guild members love to be among the first to try new restaurants, so whenever we can, we arrange for a group outing where the chef creates a menu tailored especially for us, at a reasonable fixed price.

We’ve enjoyed some amazing meals in Wellesley, Somerville, Back Bay and Melrose. And we’re always “this close” to snagging another great night or afternoon out.


Occasionally, we plan fun, food-and-drink packed culinary weekends that bring us to various corners of New England.  Past field trips have brought us to Vermont, Portland, Maine and Martha’s Vineyard, and we’re working on a possible Food Tour of the Berkshires for 2018.

Some field trips don’t require an overnight bag. Half-day trips have taken us to tour H Mart in Cambridge ... to Lincoln to visit Turtle Creek Winery ... on a bicycle tour along the farm coast ... and to see family-run cheesemaking operations in Newbury and Topsfield.

Eat Up !

Is there a food-related activity you're interested in? A new restaurant you'd like to explore with like-minded foodies? That’s why you joined the Guild, right ?

Just contact our Programming committee chairperson to hash out the pertinent details. Anything’s possible.