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Culinary Guild Board of Directors


President Karen Moss
President Emeritus Kris Piatt
Vice President - open position -
Secretary Elizabeth Gifford
Treasurer  Corinne Meyer
Membership Chair Lisa Jacobs
Culinary Liaison
& Community Outreach Chairs
Pam Florence &
Lee Van-Kirk
Communications Manager Kristina Smith
Marketing Chair - open position -
Programming Co Chairs Judi Kotanchik & Kathy Kats
Member at Large Lynne Gassiraro &
Jen Wolcott

Open Board Positions

We currently have several open Board positions and we are always looking for help with programs and other Culinary Guild activities.

Interested in bcoming a member of the Board? Please send us an email!

CGNE Board Members

Karen Moss - President

KarenMossTrained as a law librarian, Karen grew up baking and cooking, first at home with her mother and grandmother, and later for her own family, becoming known as the family's caterer.  A career move brought her to Boston in 1979, where, after thirty years as the Circuit Librarian for the U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit, she retired. Returning to her first love, food, she has become a #1 Food enthusiast.


Kris Piatt – President Emeritus

Kristbio_kris - Copyine has had a long and varied career in the hospitality industry as owner – operator of Cornucopia and Cornucopia on the Wharf restaurants in Boston from 1983-1996; as the Sales Manager for Violette Wine Imports, a distributor specializing in boutique and organic wines; and as a teacher and operations manager at the Roger A. Saunders School of Hotel & Restaurant Management at Newbury College. Most recently, Kris helped launch a new food truck venture in Boston. Three foods she cannot live without are artisan bread, wine, and cheese. Her favorite comfort food is soup, especially thick potages. She is inspired by the Culinary Guild and the wonderful experiences and friendships it has made possible over the years.

Lisa Jacobs – Membership Chair

Lisabio_lisajacobs - Copy has spent most of her career in international business, marketing and finance -and undertook any opportunity to get involved in the event planning functions of those jobs. This led to dabbling in the culinary world, working at Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, working with a few foodie start-ups, and then helping to start the Boston Chapter of the Roundtable for Women in Foodservice in the ’90s. Realizing that food was more of a hobby, than career, Lisa continued doing marketing and her last job was in the environmental industry. Now retired, Lisa enjoys travelling and eating well everywhere she goes.

Kathy Kats - Programming Co-Chair

KathyKatsAfter getting a degree in health and wellness and helping run a physical therapy clinic I got the creative bug and got my chefs degree and fell in love with cooking, teaching and learning about different cultures. I taught  cooking for 10 years, out of my home, for adults and for children, developed a popular after school healthy cooking program for grades 3-5 and a middle school cooking class, as well as programs for women's groups. I also developed an art appreciation program for grades k-8 which I taught for 7 years. I am presently managing a home care agency, teaching some programs  for seniors and occasionally teaching cooking classes. I am happy to be a part of the programming committee for the guild!

 Lynne Gassiraro - Member at Large

Lynne-GassiraroAs owner of Hidden Potential, her private tutoring business, Lynne has spent the past 25 years as tutor and academic coach for kids of all ages, providing them the tools and study skills they need to achieve mastery across a variety of subjects.

Her passion for food was inspired by her mother's fresh-from-scratch cooking, traditional Italian dishes, and her family's dedication to gathering at the table.  Interested in baking before she could reach the counter, her request for an Easy Bake Oven was denied.  Instead, she was provided the family recipe for brownies -- a recipe she can still recite -- and taught how to use the real oven. Today, Lynne continues her love of baking and has begun a new tradition of  creating thematic birthday cakes for her nephews.

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