The Guild's History

The Guild was founded in 1979 by a handful of female culinary professionals hoping to connect with other like-minded women.

They were inspired by women (mostly Bostonians), who had already made their mark in the realm of food: cookbook author Fannie Farmer, educator Madeline Kamman, and of course Julia Child, whose groundbreaking show was a huge hit on public television.

The Guild’s founders (listed below) filled their days in restaurant kitchens and catering operations, or as journalists writing on the topic of food -- but they often felt isolated in their work, as if something was missing.  That missing link turned out to be support.  They determined that by reaching out to others like themselves, they could expand their knowledge about food, learn new culinary skills, and make new friends.

Today, Culinary Guild members are just as likely to be home cooks or passionate bakers, food marketing consultants, farmers, cheesemakers or simply those with a curiosity about food, and a desire to connect with food-loving women throughout  the greater Boston area. Anyone can join; just click on the application form.

Do you know any of the Guild’s pioneering founders ?

* Lora Brody (chef/cookbook author)
* Sheryl Julian (food writer/editor)
* Marian Morash (chef)
* Sara Moulton (chef)
* Ann Robert (restaurateur)
* Dorothy Crandall (food editor)
* Ruth Lockwood (Julia Child’s producer)