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About The Culinary Guild of New England

The Guild was founded in 1979 by a group of female culinary professionals who yearned to connect with other women like them to expand their culinary knowledge, learn new skills and support one another. Those early pioneers included such well-known culinary figures as Lora Brody (chef/cookbook author), Sheryl Julian (food writer/editor), Marian Morash (chef), Sara Moulton (chef), Ann Robert (owner of Maison Robert, Boston), Dorothy Crandall (food editor), and Ruth Lockwood (Julia Child & Co.). Julia Child advised the group as their "special consultant." Today, the Guild welcomes everyone who shares a passion for cooking with fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients and sharing a beautifully presented, lovingly cooked meal.

Mission Statement

The Culinary Guild of New England supports, promotes and celebrates the culinary arts within New England’s community
of food professionals and enthusiasts through the exchange of knowledge, expertise and inspiration.