2017 Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery – 2017

Turner Seafood Restaurant

The Guild met in Melrose on July 19th at Turner’s Seafood. Jim Turner, the industry’s most seasoned pro, will spoke about the current status of local fishing, and was followed by a 3-course luncheon of Thai calamari, lobster bisque and Jonah crab cakes.

Artisan Cheese making Tour

On Thursday, June 29th, the Culinary Guild visited two North Shore artisan cheesemakers – Wolf Meadow Farm in Amesbury MA,  and Valley View Farm in Topsfield.

Maekha Thai Restaurant

May 15, 2017

Seven members of the Culinary Guild of New England  were treated to an evening of delicious Thai cuisine at Restaurant Maekha Thai Restaurant in Revere.  The executive chef, Amorn Phongtong, whose background in the culinary world reaches across 25 years of experience all over the globe, was deft in utilizing fresh produce and herbs in his delicious preparation of Thai specialties.

Amorn’s  first selection was Tom Yum Soup, a lively, light and delectable combination of flavors, salty, sour, sweet and hot.  Kafir lime, galangal and fish sauce along with a number of fresh herbs bathed succulent squid in a light and savory broth.  The well-know chicken-lime salad, Larb, followed, some of it stuffed into thick cucumber rounds and the rest scooped into a large lettuce “bowl”.

Chicken Sate was next, the marinated chicken tenders bathed in  tumeric and curry powder, and then dipped in a spicy peanut butter sauce. I always enjoy Pad Thai which then followed.  For its preparation rice noodles were soaked for several hours and then sauteed and steamed with shrimp and sweet and sour flavors.

Our last dish was Spicy Basil Beef made with garlic, beef slices, and  a “secret” sauce which ingluded oyster and soy sauces and  then made fragrant with an abundance of Thai basil.

Wines served were St. Francis Chardonnay and Dreaming Tree Chardonnay both of which heightened the succulent flavors of these Thai dishes.

Isabel Long Chesak